Pastor Miller

As the Senior Pastor, I want to extend my personal invitation for you to come join us. The foundation of our church is solid Biblical truth that still stands today. The Word of God is able to change lives, to comfort in times of sorrow, to yield wisdom in confusing times, to give strength to those who are weak, to set in order families that are broken down, and to save the very souls of all who are seeking hope and peace in an unsettled world. 

If you are looking for the answers to life, we can help you find them. If you need a place to learn more about the Bible, to serve the Lord with all your heart, to grow in the Spirit of Christ, or simply find a Church family that will minister to your needs and encourage you to live out a real relationship with Him - Temple Baptist can be that place for you.




 It would be my pleasure to help you learn to love and serve Him through a relationship that is more than a religion - it's a REALITY.


The heart of our church is found in a word...DISCIPLESHIP

Have you ever attended a church and felt as though everything was just a routine?  Many churches run from program to program in order to promote attendance and growth.  Just attending a church doesn't guarantee life will change.  After years of faithful attendance you may still live with the same problems, wrestle with the same issues, carry the same burdens and still struggle to find the answers to life's "unanswerable" questions.

At Temple Baptist Church we don't believe a program is the secret to church growth.  A man-made plan cannot break the bonds of religious routines.  Nor can genuine change develop in a person's character or lifestyle unless a Biblical PROCESS is begun in their life.

BIBLICAL DICIPLESHIP is that process.  It establishes people in a realistic and genuine life with Christ.  It teaches people how to tap into learning and receiving instruction from the Word of God.  Discipleship is the model Jesus Christ used to teach His followers to value the resource of friendship and begin the journey of partnership for ministering to the needs of others.  It is a Biblical process to establish believers in the structure, security, and safety of the local church.

When believers go through Discipleship they get grounded in their faith in Christ.  They learn He is the resource for life's answers and questions.  They grow and become strong - able to influence and change their own life and the world around them.

Discipleship is a lifestyle we have seen work in thousands of lives.  It has worked in our lives.  It is a Biblical process that will work for you!